Cottingley Fairies
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But The Story Never Dies

In 1945, Gardner releases a book about the case and the media are quick to publish extracts. Although more than 20 years have passed, the story is once again headline news and voices of "for" and "against" clash with renewed interest.

The tale fades into folklore once more until another media frenzy in 1965 leads to the Daily Express locating Elsie's house. They manage to conduct an interview to discover the truth once and for all but all they find is that she is charming... and evasive.

In 1966, now more than 40 years after the story, Gardner releases "Pictures of Fairies: The Cottingley Photographs" (Published by the Theosophical Publishing House). The book proves a hit and people are captivated once more.

Just 4 years after the book is published, Edward L. Gardner dies.

In 1971 Lynn Lewis from Nationwide current affairs programme produces a televised study of the photos at Kodak labs. The results show that they were fake but could not have been taken by a Midg quarter plate camera at 1/50th shutter speed. The photos seemed to have been handled by an expert but Snelling did retouch the prints on the commission of Edward Gardner. The original photos were never examined.

Five years later, in 1976, Frances and Elsie are brought back to the Beck and interviewed by Austin Mitchell for Yorkshire Television's Calendar show. Again nothing conclusive is reached and the ladies are still being elusive.

Believer Till The End

Flim Flam! Now Tell The Truth!