Cottingley Fairies
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The tales of the Cottingley Fairies have been well noted for over 80 years by people of all ages and all walks of life. Movies have recaptured the magical stories but the truth has been somewhat distorted and "adaptations" of the events have been released in line with true Big Screen tradition.

What you are about to read is an extensive account of the case with dates, quotes and facts so that it can be used as a resource as well as being a good bedtime story. Where possible we have included photographs and illustrations but many more can be found in the Photo Gallery

The Internet is a wonderful thing and because of it we hope to give you a little look inside Cottingley as it is today with photos, historical information, places of interest and online directories for residents as well as visitors. is growing quickly and your say is important to us. If you want to write your own special story of Cottingley, correct some details, request specific photos or leave some comments, our ears are always open so get in touch today.

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