Special Events
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Special Events

Like every other small community in the world, Cottingley has had its fair share of memorable occasions. Some happen once in a lifetime and others are calendar events.

This section is dedicated to all the Special Events that have happened, are happening and will happen in Cottingley.

  • The Royal Visit
  • The photos by Elsie and Frances
  • The filming of the fairy movie
  • Refurbishment of the Town Hall
  • Cottingley Carnival
If you remember a historic event and would like to recount the tale to others or if you know of up and coming events that need publicity then please send them in and we will feature it here on Cottingley.net

30th September 2002

HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales visits Cottingley for a special ceremony to rededicate the War Memorial destroyed by "shallow rooted" vandals in May 2002 which generated national interest.


17th July 1917

Two young girls fool the world with a series of photographs of fairies. Investigators including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are pulled into one of the most intruiging paranormal events of the 20th Century.