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Keighley News & Bingley Chronicle - 27th Oct 1962 - Expanding Cottingley

Building goes on in Woodside View Road.


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"Expanding Cottingley"

"More Houses in Woodside View Road"

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to Bradford for their entertainments. Mrs. Roden thinks a chemist could supply food for her baby son and would be useful when there is an illness in the family.

Mrs. P. Mackie, of 21 Roundhill Mount, for two years a resident in Cottingley, was formerly at Clayton, and likes being near the main road. "You feel you are out of town and have that country feeling." She also approves of smoke control. "It is much nicer." Mrs. Mackie usually shops in the village, but once a week goes to Bingley. She also uses a delivery service which visits the area.

Clean and handy

Mrs. J. Handley, wife of Detective Chief Inspector Jack Handley, of the West Riding Police, who lives at 61 Roundhill Avenue, has lived in Cottingley for two and a-half years. She always wanted to live there. Her husband is due to retire next year and they hope to continue to live at Cottingley.

Mrs, Handley appreciates the cleanliness of Cottingley after living in Castleford, Wakefield and Sheffield. She likes the little old world village and thinks it is handy for roads to Bradford, Keighley and Bingley yet without the noise of the traffic.

The large council estate stands in the middle of the private development and when it was built caused a number of changes, not least the fact that the number of pupils at the Primary School about doubled and new classrooms had to be built to accommodate the new children. The Bingley-Duckworth Lane bus service deviated the route to include the estate.

Mrs. M. Springthorpe, of 11 Rycroft Avenue, has lived there for 11 years and says the neighbours help each other. She thinks she gets good service at Cottingley and finds the shop people very friendly, but would like to see a better bus service. Mrs. Springthopre used to live at Eldwick.

Mrs. S. Bairstow, of 15 Rycroft Avenue, lived in Mount Street, Bingley, before it was demolished three years ago. She would not like to return to the town. She would, however, like a better bus service.

"The bus service is shocking, you cannot depend on it. Once an hour during the week is a bit off," she says.

A couple who are happy with almost everything in Cottingley are Mr. and Mrs Miles Greenhalgh, of 28 Airedale Avenue. They have lived there for seven years and before that were at Harden and Wilsden.

They have many reasons for liking Cottingley. Among them is that there is plenty of fresh air and it is nice for children. They enjoy sitting in the garden and can get to the shops easily and order groceries and coal to be delivered. Mr. Greenhalgh, who works in Bingley, finds the bus service quite adequate and points out that there are extra buses at dinner time and tea time.

Mrs. L. P. Weatherly, of 87 Airedale Avenue, says it would be handy if there were more shops, esspecially a chemist's, in Cottingley. She does some shopping in Cottingley, uses the mobile service and goes into Bingley.

Mr. and Mrs A. E. Kelly, of 17 Airedale Avenue, only moved to Cottingley about ten weeks ago from Regent Street in the centre of Bingley. They find Cottingley a big change, for they liked the convenience of living near the centre of the town and being "near the shops, buses and everything." They would like a shopping centre on the estate. They have found living in Cottingley a little more expensive than Bingley, but they enjoy the open countryside and surrroundings.

Mrs. B. Crabtree, of 44 Marchcote Lane, who has lived in Cottingley since last Christmas, has two children and also points out that there is no chemist which she thinks is a necessity because there are so many children living nearby. She finds she can get most other things in Cottingley.

There can be no doubt that the new housing development and the influx of new and different types of people have created almost separate communities. The new people do mix with the older part in that some shop there, but they do not appear to have made much impact on village life.