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Cottingley is a small scenic village situated in the Aire Valley between Shipley and Bingley at an elavation of 100m above sea level. Gentle streams can be seen running through Cottingley and if followed would lead you north into the River Aire. Land to the east of the B6269 is mainly flat but rises to 170m at March Cote Farm to the west.

The geological composition of Cottingley consists of mainly of millstone grit, boulder clay and some alluvial deposits.

Cottingley's greenbelt location is ideal for commuting residents with Leeds, Bradford City Centre, Keighley, the motorways and Leeds Bradford Airport all within 20 minutes. For those without cars, a regular bus runs through the village and reaches all the aforementioned areas. The rail network supplies routes from nearby Bingley train station.

Currently, work is being carried out on the A650 relief road or "Bingley Bypass" which is intended to alleviate the severe traffic congestion experienced during peak hours. This has been the centre of controversy for many years and will certainly have an environmental impact especially as Bingley Bog carries near complete vegetation history from the Ice Age to the medieval period. Nevertheless, the importance of infrastructure has taken precedence and roadworks are well underway.