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Cottingley Post Office

William and Ida Agatha Frear.

Post Office as it looked when Ida and William owned it.

Stuart and Helen Rooney outside the Post Office in 1999.

The Post Office as it looks now.

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Cottingley Post Office was founded, at 38 Main Street, by Ida Agatha Frear and her husband William in 1929.

It is said that Ida started the shop with a sixpence.

One morning when William had gone to work she put some sweets in the window and sold them. When he came back from work he took them out again but she persevered.

She put rows of string up and sold tea towels and a bit of everything from Dolly Blues - which whitened clothes washes - to black lead for cleaning fireplaces. There were cough medicine mixtures and yellow and white stones for cleaning front door steps.

In the late 1940's Margaret and her husband Eric Frear, Ida and William's son, took over the running of the shop when William began suffering with emphysema.

In 1981 Stuart and his wife Helen Rooney took over the Post Office.

Due to expansion of the village the Post Office had not been in a location central to Cottingley for many years. For this reason in 1999 it was decided that there was no alternative but to relocate the Post Office to The Parade.

Cottingley Post Office closed it's doors for the last time on the 23rd of October 1999. It had been running for 70 years.

Read an article printed in the Telegraph and Argus on the 12th of August 1999 about the moving of the Post Office:

Last Post Sounds As Business Moves On