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Benjamin Ferrand (1730 - 1803)

Born: 18th May 1730
Son of: Benjamin Ferrand and Sarah Dobson

Lord of the Manors of Cottingley, Oakworth, Allerton cum Wilsden and Crossley, the former property of the Knights of St. John.

Deputy Lieutenant, Justice of the Peace, and Major of Sir Geo Saville's militia battalion of West Riding.

Built St. Davids Ruin in 1796 so that he could see it from his residence at Harden Grange.

Benjamin never married and had no children.

He created a will circa 1800 in which he intended the Ferrands Estate to be inherited by Charles Benjamin Charlewood the son of Jane Ferrand. However at the time of Benjamin's death Charles was only 7 years old and so the estate passed onto Jane's brother Edward Ferrand.

Benjamin died on the 20th of October 1803 aged 73.

Died: 20th October 1803