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Edward Ferrand (1777 - 1837)

Born: 14th December 1777
First Son of: John Ferrand and Sarah Dale
Brother of: Jane Ferrand, Walker Ferrand, Sarah Ferrand, and Anne Catherine Ferrand
Husband of: Frances Holden
Father of: Frances Ferrand

Born on the 14th December 1777 at Banard Castle.

In 1803 Edward inherited the Ferrands Estate from Benjamin Ferrand. In his will (circa 1800) Benjamin bequeathed the Ferrands Estate to Charles Benjamin Charlewood, the son of Jane Ferrand. However at the time of Benjamin's death Charles was only 7 years old and so the estate passed onto Jane's brother, Edward.

In 1809 he could describe himself as Lord of the Manors of Cottingley, Oakworth, Allerton cum Wilsden and Crossley after acquiring the former property of the Knights of St. John.

Married Frances Holden on the 31st of January 1809.

Died 21st March 1837 and was buried at Bingley Church.

Died: 21st March 1837