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Elsie Wright (Hill) (1901 - 1988)

Elsie in the photo captioned: 'Fairy offering flowers to Iris', August 1920.

Elsie in the photo captioned: 'Iris and the Gnome', August 1920.

Born: 1901
Daughter of: Arthur Wright and Polly Wright
Mother of: Glenn Hill

Elsie was an extremely gifted and accomplished artist who painted landscapes and portraits, mainly in watercolour.

She had attended Bradford Art College since the age of 13 and also found work in a photographic lab and a greeting card factory during the war.

In the darkroom her job was to create composite photos of fallen soldiers with pictures of loved ones and during this time she had the opportunity to work with plate cameras.

Elsie and her cousin Francis Griffith fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the world with their photographs of Fairies. See the full story here: Cottingley Fairies.

She later emigrated to America to escape the media attention but was dismayed to find that even in Maine, the tales of the Cottingley Fairies were well known.

After marrying an engineer, Elsie emigrated again, this time to India. For the duration of the Second World War she was a captain in the WVS working in military hospitals in Calcutta.

She returned to England after the 1947 declaration of independence and soon the media tracked her down and her privacy was lost again.

Died: 1988