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Sarah Ferrand (Busfeild) (1783 - 1854)

Born: 25th July 1783
Second Daugher of: John Ferrand and Sarah Dale
Sister of: Jane Ferrand, Edward Ferrand, Walker Ferrand, and Anne Catherine Ferrand
Wife of: Currer Fothergill Busfeild
Mother of: Jane Busfeild, William Busfeild (Ferrand), Sarah Dale Busfeild, Katherine Maria Busfeild, Walker Busfeild, Currer Busfeild, Johnson Atkinson Busfeild, Elizabeth Octavia Busfeild, Mary Anne Busfeild, Caroline Busfeild, Emily Lucinda Busfeild, Anne Isabella Busfeild, and Benjamin Ferrand Busfeild.

Married Currer Fothergill Busfeild on the 12th February 1805.

Currer died on the 30th of June 1832.

Sarah changed her name and arms back to Ferrand after the death of the last of her senior male Ferrand relatives. She did this in order to satisfy Benjamin Ferrand's will (circa 1800) and become the heir to the Ferrand Estates.

Sarah died at the age of 70 on the 30th of May 1854 at St Ives after suffering from Influenza.

Died: 30th May 1854