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William Busfeild (Ferrand) (1809 - 1889)

Born: 26th April 1809
Son of: Currer Fothergill Busfeild and Sarah Ferrand
Brother of: Jane Busfeild, Sarah Dale Busfeild, Katherine Maria Busfeild, Walker Busfeild, Currer Busfeild, Johnson Atkinson Busfeild, Elizabeth Octavia Busfeild, Mary Anne Busfeild, Caroline Busfeild, Emily Lucinda Busfeild, Anne Isabella Busfeild, and Benjamin Ferrand Busfeild
Husband of: Sarah Priestley and Hon Fanny Mary Stuart
Father of: William Busfeild Ferrand, Sarah Harriette Ferrand, and Hugo Ferrand

Married Sarah Priestley in 1831.

William and Sarah's first son, named William Busfeild, was born in 1831.

The date of birth of their daughter, Sarah Harriette Ferrand, is unknown.

Sarah Priestley died in 1832.

Like his mother, to become eligible to inherit the Ferrand estates William would have to change his name to Ferrand. In 1839 he first assumed by Royal Licence the name and arms of Ferrand in addition to those of Busfeild but later dropped Busfeild altogether.

He was the MP for Knaresborough from 1841 - 1847.

Married Hon Fanny Mary Stuart 10th August 1847 at St James' Church, London.

Fanny and William's first child, named William Busfeild, was born in 1848. This was William's third child.

At some point after the marriage of William and Fanny, Sarah Harriette Ferrand left home whilst still a minor and went to live with her Uncle Johnson Atkinson Busfeild. This caused her father to disown her

He then succeeded to the family estates in 1854 after the death of his mother Sarah Ferrand.

He was the MP for Devonport in 1863.

He worked tirelessly to improve the condition of child labour.

He sold much of the estate to Arthur Harry Briggs including the Cottingley Bar building which was demolished.

William died on the 31st of March 1889.

William left her nothing in his will to his daughter Sarah who he had disowned. As a result she contested the will giving rise to the "Ferrand Will Case".

Died: 31st March 1889