Town Hall
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Cottingley Town Hall

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In 1814, local residents recognised the importance of education for children and set up a Sunday school at the smithy on Main Street. All children were entitled to a basic education regardless of faith or class and within months the school became a a cornerstone in the community.

Such was the popularity of the Sunday school that an extension was built in 1843 from local funding. The Committee worked hard to provide but inevitably demands for further education arose and nine years later the Mechanics Institute was formed.

Again the demand for education placed a strain on the Committe's resources and by 1859 the school house was simply not big enough to cope with the students. Answering the Committee's demands, the smithy owner, Joseph Hollings donated the schoolroom and surrounding land and William Ferrand donated the Town Hill.

The community funded the 3000 costs and on Boxing Day 1863 the first stone was carted into place by members of the Committee.

Lord Frederick Cavendish officially opened the new Town Hall building on 21st March 1865 and the people of Cottingley were to be the permanent freeholders.

The Town Hall is still used by the Scouts, Beavers, the Women's Guild and the Drop In Centre as well as the non-denominationl Cottingley Town Hall Church which was founded within its walls in 1870.

Please show your support during funding events and remember that your village was built on a foundation of community spirit.