Cottingley Fairies
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August 3rd - Letter from Arthur Conan Doyle to Arthur Wright

(Written on stationery of the Rougemont Hotel Exeter, that address has been stroked out and replaced by "Windlesham Crowborough.")

August 3

Dear Mr Wright

I saw Mr. Gardner today and everything is now in perfect order. I hope to get a small wedding dowry for Elsie from the fairies. Also for the little girl. I go to Australia next week but my agent is in touch with Mr G. and you will hear from the latter.

Meanwhile I have altered all names and places. We can always let the cat out of the bag, but when he is out you cant put him back. I dont want you all to be worried by curiosity hunters. I can foresee 100 charabancs a day if the press gets hold of it. We propose therefore to only publish the 3 year old photos which wont be so easily recognised. If your neighbors know about it you would be wise to tell them to be cautious

With best wishes

A Conan Doyle

In this last letter, the word "charabancs" refers to a sight-seeing bus with benches, a commonly-seen vehicle in England of that day. In all the letters, the few minor punctuation irregularities are exactly as in the originals.